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Greenlee 05752 Arbor

Arbor for carbide hole cutters. Made in USA....
Location: Sydney (Head Office)
$82.60 (ex GST)

NGK Ricky-2 Aluminium Chain Hoist

750kg capacity, 1.5m pull, weight 4kg. Made in Japan....
Location: Perth Townsville
$325.00 (ex GST)

DOA Hydrobox

The DOA HYDROBOX is a compact hydraulic accessory that can be installed on trucks, vans, and other w...
Location: Sydney (Head Office)
$1700.00 (ex GST)

HK Porter 9290 Extension Handles

Extension handle for HK Porter 9290 pneumatic cutter - allows user to operate cutter at ground level...
Location: Melbourne
$350.00 (ex GST)


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Solution Durapac Torqueing about Power & Safety

A gold mine contractor need a safer way to breakout large 145mm hexagon nuts. The Durapac ...

Solution One Cut “AND SHE’S DOWN”

The Problem:BridgePro was involved in a project with TasPorts for the Controlled Collapse ...

Solution Durapac DPRS-4024 Air Hydraulic Pump: Custom-Build

A mining company contacted our technical sales team in Carlton, requesting a solution for ...

Solution Durapac Bolt Tensioners: Perfect Tension

The Problem:The customer required a simple and accurate method of applying the correct cla...

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News Golf Club presented to Adrian Mills of Martinus Rail

St Andrews Golf Club, Courtesy of AirTech UK.Pictured here is Dean Stapleton (left) the Account Mana...

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