Portable Winch PCW-3000-Li-AIK Capstan Winch

Portable Winch PCW-3000-Li-AIK Battery Powered Capstan Winch


Whether you are Hauling Electrical Cables, Pulling a Felled Tree out of the Scrub, Recovering/Moving a Vehicle/Boat or Assisting in a Rescue Situation; this Battery Portable Winch is the Ideal Piece of Equipment for you!

An eco-friendly pulling winch, requiring zero maintenance; meaning it is always ready to be used. 

  • Powerful, with a continuous pulling force of 700 kg.
  • Intermittent peak pulling force 1,000kg.
  • Lightweight - only 9.5 kg, the Battery Winch can be carried wherever it is needed.
  • Operating temperature -14°C to 45°C
  • It reaches a pulling speed of 11.6 metres per minute and has up to 70-minute battery life.
  • This winch is perfect for both indoor and outdoor operation (no emissions).
  • Users will then be able to accomplish laborious tasks with ease.
  • This winch facilitates works of all kinds.

Lithium-ion Batteries

Lithium-Ion batteries preserve air quality by releasing no emissions and they are also recyclable! 

  • They have a low self-discharge rate when not being used (1.25% to 5% per month).
  • Compatible with the VICTA 82V range of battery-powered tools.
  • They are rechargeable to full capacity at any moment of the discharge cycle.

Benefits of a Battery-Powered Portable Capstan Winch

  1. Lightweight, compact & portable: Cordless - Can be carried where it is needed. Very easy to store.
  2. Zero maintenance: Always ready to be used, therefore perfect for quick or unplanned jobs. Ideal for seasonal and/or infrequent use.
  3. Eco-friendly: Reduced emissions and energy consumption, the winch preserves air quality. Furthermore, its batteries are recyclable!
  4. Self-powered: Since the winch is powered by a battery, no external energy source is required to make it work.
  5. High performance: A constant pulling force. The lithium-ion battery offers a consistent performance level, from the very beginning to the end of its cycle.
  6. Energy efficiency: Durable and powerful winch, of high quality, that allows an optimal performance. The best weight-energy ratio.
  7. Durable: Its high-quality components ensure a continuous use and a long lifetime.
  8. Quick anchoring and simple to use: Can be anchored anywhere in a few seconds. Once the winch is anchored, all that is left to do is to wrap the rope around the drum and pull.
  9. Safe: The operator is never in the pulling line. Furthermore, the winch can be used in all positions.
  10. Synthetic rope: No more steel wire ropes! Polyester rope has low-stretch properties and provides unequaled working comfort.
  11. Unlimited rope length: Thanks to the capstan drum principle, there is no accumulation of rope on the drum. It only goes through the winch.
  12. Low noise level, no smell or vapor: Can be used inside as well as outside.


Model No.PCW-3000-Li-AIK
Kit Model No.*PCW-3000-Li-AIK(B)
Engine1.0KW Electric Engine - all positions - 82V maximum with a protection against overload (automatic shutdown)
Max. Pulling ForceContinuous: 700kg
Peak: 1000kg

3 Speeds8.1m/min, 10m/min, 11.6m/min
Drum Size76mm
RopeLow-stretch double-braided polyester rope - unlimited length
Minimum OD10mm
Maximum OD13mm
Recommended OD10mm
Battery82V 4AH
Battery LifeUp to 70mins run time
Dimensions30.2cm wide x 31.8cm long x 31cm high

*Kit Includes: 1 x Portable Winch; 1 x Briggs & Stratton 82V-4Ah Li Battery & Rapid Charger; 1 x Carry Bag; 1 x Stainless Steel Pulley Block; 2 x Carabiners; 2 x Slings; 50m x 10mm Double Braided Rope

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